Emily Charlotte

In August 2021, after a turbulent year and two postponements, I FINALLY married my amazing -now husband - Alex. Planning a wedding during the pandemic, and riding the emotional rollercoaster that was postponing, uncertainty and multiple changes of plans was hard to say the least, but when it was able to happen, our wedding really was the best day (or few days!) of our lives. From the moment we touched down in Spain, we loved every second and have lifelong memories of the time we spent with an intimate group of our family and friends. I genuinely still struggle to find the words to describe this magical week as nothing quite does it justice!

A little disclaimer - We did have a wedding planner (who is also a friend), the wonderful Optimum Weddings so the credit here is not all mine, but I really loved being able to have full creative freedom in bringing our ideas to life. 

Photo credit: Cecelina Tornberg