Emily Charlotte

I absolutely love all things beautiful, floral and detail orientated that come with wedding planning (the exciting bits!), but I am actually incredibly good at the organizational side of things (even if I do say so myself!) Logistical planning is often the aspect that causes a couple the most stress, so it works out well that this is not only my area of expertise. but also something that I genuinely enjoy.

From the beginning we’ll take on the process together, but I will guide you through it all…sourcing the venue that feels right, suggesting suppliers that I consider to be some of the best in the industry, handling an otherwise daunting paperwork process and helping to draw out your vision with creative styling ideas.

This is all rounded off on the day itself; my expert team will be on hand when your wedding finally comes around, so all you need to do is focus on that walk to the aisle.

Mix a large handful of experience, a touch of problem solving, a big dollop of fun, a bucket load of creativity and a strong helping of logistical planning. Then add the final cherry on top that is your love story.

Emily Charlotte

here you have the recipe for the ideal planning partnership

I am a true lover of love. A hopeless romantic who has always had a firm belief in marriage. My parents have been happily married now for 39 years, so they set the benchmark and my expectations, pretty high with regards to relationships. 

It's cliched, but from a young age I was that girl who pictured her wedding and absolutely believed that a crazy.in.love style fairy tale would be coming my way one day.

Granted, I certainly didn't expect it to come from the modern day romance novel that is Tinder, but I guess there's some truth in love finding you when you least expect it hey?!

I am now very happily married (since 2021) to my incredible husband, Alex. It's only right that he gets a mention here, as Weddings by Emily Charlotte wouldn't be where it is today without his love and support - he's my sounding board, my confidence boost when I need it, my encouragement to go for it, my reminder of how far I've come and my biggest confidant. You best believe he'll know all about your wedding too, as being a wedding planner doesn't just stop at the (home) office doors, it's a part of me and a part of my life.

You will regularly find me in the background, shedding a tear at your vows, speeches or first dance, because love is just the most powerful emotion and it's something I get to experience not only every day at home, but I also get surrounded with at work and for that I am a very lucky gal.. 

Despite being a romance enthusiast, my head is not in the clouds all of the time. 

I am also a real lover of all things rational and organised, and anyone who knows me would back this up.. I'm affectionately called 'Lily-List' by my mum, at least once a week, because of how much I love to write a list (is there anything more satisfying than ticking things off one by one?!)

'Meticulously planned' is something my couples often say about their weddings, and it's a bit of a motto I like to live by. 

I firmly believe this balance of whimsical, romantic dreaming and logical, ordered methodology makes the perfect wedding planning combination., so if you want to get carried away in the allure of weddings whilst knowing you're on top of your budget, schedules and timelines, then I am absolutely here for it.


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Throughout your planning experience I will be your lead planner and primary point of contact, but I am based in the UK, so for destination weddings, to ensure you receive a comprehensive end-to-end experience, I have a wider European team consisting of experienced partners. Each are established planners, either working together or with businesses in their own right.

This team of talented ladies are based in your chosen destination to provide additional planning support, assisting with any on-the-ground elements you may require such as site visits, menu tastings, ceremony paperwork and coordination on the wedding day. 

I am good at my job, but I can also say I couldn't do it without this team. Their support, knowledge and experience is second to none, plus they care about your day as much as I do. They'll be involved from the beginning; behind the scenes at first but you'll soon get to know them well.

Where possible I attend your wedding day myself, but if for any reason I can't, your day will be in the safe and capable hands of at least one of the team.

Together we'll plan and coordinate the day you have been dreaming of, whatever that entails.

meet the team

collaborative partners

Jessica started working with Dyana in 2017, after moving back to Spain from England. A native of Spain, Jessica spent part of her childhood in Barcelona before returning permanently to the Costa Del Sol.

With a degree in Travel and Event Management and advanced studies in Wedding Planning from the University of Granada, she has worked successfully in the hospitality industry for several years. First, she worked in restaurant management and customer service, and then, at a 4-star hotel in South West England where she was a member of a successful wedding and events department.

Jessica has travelled around the world and has a passion for Asian culture. Her charm, intelligence, sense of humour, and kindness are apparent whether she is speaking in English or Spanish.

Annie - Italy 

Jessica - Spain

Dyana started in the fashion industry as a model where she found herself drawn to the detail and organisation that took place behind the scenes. She combined her networking skills and eye for design, and quickly realised she had a knack for putting together the events she was taking part in. Since then, Dyana has established an international wedding and event planning company.

Dyana is originally from London but has spent the last 16 years living on the beautiful Costa Del Sol.

Attracting couples from all over the world who wish to host their beautifully styled, luxury destination weddings in Spain, Dyana helps to find each couple the ideal location to suit their individual needs and desires, whilst working with hand picked suppliers from across the country.

Dyana - Spain

Annie is an ex London-based music journalist with a background in event organisation. After moving to Tuscany in the mid 80’s, she reinvented herself to create one of the top luxury villa rental programmes for the international market.

Her subsequent travels around Italy led to the discovery of many magical locations, from fairytale medieval castles and incredible Renaissance villas to unique rustic farms set among vineyards. It was a natural progression for this incurable romantic to segue into the world of bespoke weddings and events.

Her English head and Italian heart make for a great blend of good sense and creativity, whilst her knowledge, experience, and a passion for her adopted country will ensure the planning of your Italian wedding is fun, relaxed and stress free.

Annie is also a committed celebrant of symbolic weddings.

Roberta is Italian born and bred; she grew up in Florence, where she lives now, but her family originate from the Verona area, so she has vast experience working around the beautiful Italian lakes and throughout Tuscany.

With a background in fashion, customer care, food & beverage and management, a career in wedding and events was the perfect transition for Roberta.

Roberta loves her job and says her biggest fulfillment is seeing her couples happy - she has been previously been referred to as a real life Mary Poppins, making dreams come true!

Emanuela, Cristina & Rita - Italy

In 2000, Emanuela and Rita had the idea to begin a wedding planning agency, based in Sorrento, operating along the Sorrento Peninsula, Island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast - to create tailored events, and providing endless support to each request, from the very beginning to the smallest details. Cristina joined the team a littler later; after many years living in the UK, Cristina has excellent English, and is both a symbolic celebrant and official translator for your ceremony.

After 20 years in the same trusted team, Emanuela, Rita and Cristina feel honoured to work with couples from all over the world, supporting them through the planning process

Roberta - Italy

A lover of Love





Considered tablescapes, flowers in all the right places, set ups that inspire you to stop and take a photo. I put as much love into the aesthetics of an EC event as I do the logistics. I adore planning for couples who are into the detail as much as I am.

Golden principal #1


Traditions are truly lovely if they’re meaningful to you. If not, we won’t make them a part of your day ‘just because’. I prefer to encapsulate you and your story, setting new traditions that are authentic to the two of you.

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I like to combine professionalism with a friendly approach. To plan a bespoke wedding for you, I need to know you. What makes you tick, as well as what makes you screw your face up in horror (for me it’s chair covers/organza bows!) 



Organisation is my thing. Lists, spreadsheets and budgets. I cannot help myself - I have to plan!

Golden Principal #4


I’m a realist. Whether it’s a difficult budget conversation or important practicalities, I will tell you if needed. I combine the gorgeous wedding dreams with the realistic approach needed to make them happen.

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